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Opportunities for Graduate Study

November 21, 2013

Toxic Legacies and Northern Exposures Projects Departments of History and Geography Memorial University of Newfoundland 2014-2015 John Sandlos, Department of History, and Arn Keeling, Department of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland, are seeking three graduate students at the MA level to work on projects related to the history and geography of toxins at abandoned industrial… Read More

Zombie mines presentation for Geography Awareness Week

November 19, 2013

It’s Geography Awareness Week across the land (well, the land of Canada, at least). As part of a series of associated events at Memorial University, Arn gave a ‘pop-up geography’ 5-minute talk on zombie mines. Check it out, here: GAW2013.

Living with Zombie Mines

March 12, 2013

John Sandlos and Arn Keeling have written a post for the blog of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (the site is called Seeing the Woods). The post describes a concept we have developed called the zombie mine (sorry, it doesn’t involve actual zombies hauting a mine, but it does refere to other… Read More

History of Giant Mine for EA

August 17, 2012

The Abandoned Mines team leads, John Sandlos and Arn Keeling, recently prepared a historical summary of the arsenic problem at Giant Mine for submission to the Mackenzie Valley Review Board. The board is conducting an environmental assessment of remediation alternatives for the 237,000 tons of arsenic trioxide stored underground, a byproduct of 50 years of… Read More

Notes from the Field: Mining, memory, and meaning in Resolute Bay

July 19, 2012

Notes from the Field: Mining, memory, and meaning in Resolute Bay by Heather Green After months of studying the Polaris mine on Little Cornwallis in Nunavut, many miles travelled for archival trips, and much frustration engaging with archival documents, I had the great opportunity to travel to Resolute Bay, the closest community to the Polaris… Read More

Scott Midgley on Nanisivik

July 12, 2012

Our own Scott Midgley recently guest-posted on Baffinland Witness, a web site chronicling the development of the new Mary River mega-project mine on Baffin Island. The lessons of history abound for new mines in Nunavut.

IPY Reflection pt. 2

June 14, 2012

    I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Toronto Historical Materialism Conference at York University (May 11-13th 2012) this weekend. In particular, I was interested in hearing the “Indigenous Politics Forum: Primitive Accumulation, Environmental Destruction and Resistance in Indigenous lands:” session I and II. Speaking in these sessions were two members associated with the… Read More

IPY Refelction

June 13, 2012

My experience at the International Polar Year Conference held in Montreal this year was just that – an experience! I was able to attend APECS workshops the weekend leading up to the conference, and on the evening of the workshop meet and greet excitement was in the air. Between so many “early career scientists” buzzing… Read More

Abandoned mines at IPY 2012

April 25, 2012

The Abandoned Mines team has a strong presence at IPY 2012 in Montreal, the final meeting of the most recent International Polar Year. Three students have posters highlighting their work: Scott Midgley on Nanisivik and Svalbard; Heather Green on the Polaris Mine; and Tara Cater on Rankin Inlet. In addition, there are papers being delivered… Read More