Below is a listing of academic papers, theses and reports published by members of the Abandoned Mines team. Some of these publications are available as open-access documents on the Memorial University Research Repository pages for John Sandlos and Arn Keeling. We have also presented our work at academic conferences and community forums in our case study communities. Our work has been also featured in media coverage by CBC North, NWT News/North, and other outlets.

Edited book: Keeling, A. and Sandlos, J., eds., Mining and Communities in Northern Canada: History, Politics and Memory (University of Calgary Press, 2015)

Academic papers

Boutet, J.-S. 2010 Dévelloppment ferrifère et modes autochtones au Québec subarctique, 1954-1983. Recherches amériendiennes au Québec 40, 3: 35-52.

Boutet, J.-S. 2014 Opening Ungava to Industry: A decentring approach to indigenous history in subarctic Québec, 1937–54. Cultural Geographies 21 (January): 79-97.

Boutet, J.S., Keeling, A., and Sandlos, J. 2015 Historical Perspectives on Mining and the Social Economy. In Northern Communities Working Together: The Social Economy of Canada’s North, ed. C. Southcott (University of Toronto Press, in press)

Cater, T., and Keeling, A. 2013 ‘That’s Where Our Future Came From’: Mining, Landscape, and Memory in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. Etudes/Inuit/Studies 37, 2: 59-82

Green, H., 2013 State, Company and Community Relations at the Polaris Mine (Nunavut), Études/Inuit/Studies v. 37, no.2, n/a.

Keeling, A. and Sandlos, J. 2011 Shooting the Archives: Document digitization for historical-geographical collaboration. History Compass 9, 5 (May): 423-432. (online)

Keeling, A. 2010 ‘Born in an Atomic Test Tube’: Landscapes of cyclonic development at Uranium City, Saskatchewan. The Canadian Geographer 54, 2 (Summer), 228-252.

Keeling, A. and Sandlos, J. 2009 Environmental Justice Goes Underground? Historical Notes from Canada’s Northern Mining Frontier. Environmental Justice 2, 3: 117-125.

Keeling, A., and Sandlos, J. 2017 “Ghost Towns and Zombie Mines: The Historical Dimensions of Mine Abandonment, Reclamation, and Redevelopment in the Canadian North,” in S. Bocking and B. Martin, eds., Ice Blink: Navigating Northern Environmental History (University of Calgary Press). (online)

LeClerc, E., and Keeling, A. 2015 “From Cutlines to Traplines: Post-industrial land use at the Pine Point mine,” The Extractive Industries and Society 2 (January): 7-18. (online)

Sandlos, J. and Keeling, A. 2012 Claiming the New North: Mining and Colonialism at the Pine Point Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada. Environment and History 18, 1 (February): 5-34. (online)

Sandlos, J., and Keeling, A. 2016 “Pollution, Local Activism, and the Politics of Development in the Canadian North,” RCC Perspectives 2016/4, pp. 25-32. (online)

Sandlos, J., and Keeling, A. 2016 Introduction: Critical perspectives on extractive industries in Northern Canada. The Extractive Industries and Society 3,2: 265–268 (online)

Reports, blog posts and popular articles:

Sandlos, J. and Keeling, A. 2013 Zombie Mines and the (Over)burden of History. Solutions Journal 4, 3 (June). (online)

Sandlos, J. and Keeling, A. 2013 “Living with Zombie Mines,” Seeing the Woods: A Blog by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

Sandlos, J. 2013 “Arctic Dreaming? History, Resource Development, and the Future of the Arctic Meltdown,” Seeing the Woods: A Blog by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

Sandlos, J. and Keeling, A. 2013 “Giant Mine: Historical Summary,” report submitted to the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Review Board Public Registry for Giant Mine Remediation Project Environmental Assessment

Keeling, A. 2011 “Atomic Outpost,” Canada’s History (June/July), 28-35

Keeling, A., and J. Sandlos 2011 “Environmental Justice Goes Underground? Historical Notes from Canada’s Northern Mining Frontier,” invited blog entry for the Centre for Environmental Health Equity (

Student theses and major papers:

Patricia Boulter, MA (History), “Survival in an Arctic Boom Town: Economic and Cultural Diversity in Rankin Inlet, 1956-63,” 2012

Jean-Sébastien Boutet, MA (Geography), “An Innu-Naskapi Ethnohistorical Geography of Industrial Iron Mining Development at Schefferville, Québec,” 2012

Tara Cater, MA (Geography), “When Mining Comes (Back) to Town: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Mining Encounters in the Kivalliq Region, Nunavut,” 2013

Heather Green, MA (History) “Life After Closure: Deindustrialized Landscape and Memories of the Polaris Mine, 1973-2012,” , 2012.

Jane Hammond MA (History), “Labrador City: Gender, labour and community in a remote mining town,” 2011

Heather Leard, MA (History), “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same: Native Employment in the Mining Industry in the Northwest Territories, Canada as Seen Through Government Reports, 1960 – 1990,” 2011

Hereward Longley, MA (History), “Razing Athabasca: Bitumen Extraction and the Industrial Colonization of North-eastern Alberta, 1967-1983,” 2013

Scott Midgley, MA (Geography), “Co-producing Ores, Science and States: High Arctic Mining at Svalbard (Norway) and Nanisivik (Canada),” 2012