Guardians of Eternity Film

Guardians of Eternity from Shebafilms Kelly Saxberg on Vimeo.

Learn more about the problem of communicating with future generations at Giant Mine! Historian and filmmaker Ron Harpelle of Lakehead University worked with independent filmmakers Kelly Saxberg (of Sheba Films) and Yellowknifer France Benoit to produce a documentary film about the arsenic issue at Giant mine. Guardians of Eternity is a startling film that documents the impact of arsenic pollution from an abandoned gold mine in the Northwest Territories on adjacent Yellowknives Dene First Nations communities. It has been over a decade since the mine closed and community members struggle today with the question of what to do with 237,000 tonnes of arsenic trioxide dust stored underground at the site. They also consider how to warn future generations of the toxic dangers at the old mine and communicate the perpetual care activities that will be required to contain the waste.

You can stream the entire documentary in the video above. You can also purchase a DVD copy of the film at, where you will also find more information about the filmmakers, as well as materials for classroom use.