Author: John Sandlos

New report on Communicating with Future Generations

December 8, 2017

The Toxic Legacies Project has released its third and final report on the issue of communicating with future generations at Giant Mine. The report details the results of a workshop, where Yellowknives Dene Elders and members of the Yellowknife community put pen (and marker, and sketch pencil) to paper to record their ideas for monuments,… Read More

New Paper on Pine Point by LeClerc and Wiersma

April 13, 2017

If you have thumbed through Mining and Communities in Northern Canada, you know that the effects of mine abandonment continue to ripple through communities long after closure. This prolonged ripple effect is also true of abandoned mines’ environmental impacts, especially in northern ecosystems. My second co-authored paper about Pine Point has just been released, and… Read More

Guardians of Eternity Screens North and South

September 13, 2016

Our documentary, Guardians of Eternity, will screen for free in Toronto and Yellowknife next week. Here are the details. Toronto Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies York University Monday September 19th, 2:30 PM History Common Room 2183 Vari Hall Yellowknife Wednesday September  21, 7:30PM Northern United Place Yellowknife There will be live question and answer sessions… Read More

Mapping Arsenic Contamination

August 5, 2016

Amanda Degray I travelled to Yellowknife (with a heavy box of maps!) in May with the intention of 1) mapping the changes in traditional land use activities around Wiìliìcheh (Yellowknife Bay), and 2) understanding how mining contamination is perceived and experienced by the Yellowknives Dene First Nation (YKDFN). Upon my arrival, I was immediately greeted… Read More

Giant Mine Fieldwork Report: Making Connections

July 11, 2016

By Caitlynn Beckett Before leaving for fieldwork, I was advised countless times not to worry, not to stress too much, not to be afraid that I didn’t know enough or that I would make a fool of myself (which inevitably happened of course). After a few short weeks in the field, my ideas would likely… Read More

Giant Mine and the Future

May 31, 2016

What will Giant Mine look like in the future? How will people know that the site is contaminated, and how to contain and maintain the arsenic hazards that exist at the site. A dedicated group of people who live and work in and near Yellowknife have been working for over a year with researchers at… Read More